Always Time For Tea @ The Sugar Club – Beverly Hills Hotel 

Where there is luxury.. you will find Suvarna, so it goes without saying that I am madly in love with The Sugar Club at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Umhlanga Rocks.

I took Ashwin and Paroshna for a very chilled afternoon to sip on some tea, and sample all the decadence that The Sugar Club is well known for.

The sweet scent of fresh orchids lingered in the reception area and one can only be impressed with the table filled with fresh orchids! Seriously my orchid died within a few days so WOW!

On arrival at The Sugar Club, we where ushered to our table, and within a few seconds, our waiter brought over a sturdy coat rack for our coats and handbags, then helped us into out seats and offered us the tea menu… yep a whole menu of loose leaf tea!


Ashwins main concern when attending High Teas with me, is that the food portion of the spread is usually so minimal that he ends up being hungry shortly after leaving, or that he scoffs down everything available from a specific platter on the table… today we had no issues! The savory buffet is on a separate table and this table is the equivalent to the sweets table (thank goodness I skipped lunch). Everything was delicious and extremely filling.

We sipped on tea and chatted with lots of laughter. Its been a while since we just sat around a table feeding ourselves and putting all work aside! We didn’t even feel the hour pass us by. Clearly we were very comfortable! (I cannot stand going to enjoy a meal and the chairs provided are horrible)

We muddled over ordering some champagne, but well the honest truth is none of us would even finish a glass, so we just got some of the non-alcoholic champagne which was delicious, but there too we could not finish a glass (we all prefer warm drinks).


From this picture can you tell just how loudly and joyfully I laugh!?

Time for dessert… the sweet portion of the afternoon was second to none.. and as you all know that this is also the most important part in a meal/sitting for me. I slowly circled the table picking one of each item to take back to my table and savor each bite with.

Sadly for you clearing out my plate as soon as I got to our table was priority so did not get a photo, so instead I went back and took some of the layout and managed to get Paroshna with a sly look on her face as she planned her attack on the sweeties 😉


We cannot really explain where the two hours had gone, but I can say for sure that this had been one of the best high teas I have attended in a really long time!



We were rather sad that our time had fast slipped away, but there will definitely be a next time because no matter what there is Always Time For Tea @ The Sugar Club

Stay tuned for our Always Time For Tea @ (guess where) coming up soon!

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Please note that this post was not sponsored by The Sugar Club and everything mentioned/posted in this blog is based purely on my experience and opinion.



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