Vidya Vox live in Durban

A few months ago I heard that Vidya Vox would be performing live in Durban, South Africa. I have never really been a concert go-er, but guys if you have not heard her music, you are definitely missing out!

Being the luxury princess that I am, we managed to get our hands on three VIP Hospitality tickets and boy was it worth every shiny penny spent 🙂 On arrival we where ushered through to the chill zone (yep you heard right). The area was draped beautifully and had a sparkly feel to it given that there were fairy lights all over, a lounge area, a bar and tables and chairs for everyones comfort. The included buffet was nothing short of sumptuous and had more food than I expected! We helped ourselves to dinner which was divine and enjoyed the music from our comfortable little spot in the corner!

As with every concert, the night was opened by some of our local artists. Ashwin and I were introduced to some “new” music by Sheen Skaiz & Sketchy Bongo and The Wolfpack, who are artists we are slightly embarrassed to say that had Paroshna not been with us, we would have googled a lot! Oh well

Paroshna was thrilled to have met Rushil Juglall who recently starred in Keeping Up With The Kandasamys, a South African movie shot in Durban itself. Off course she darted to him and got herself a selfie.


Eventually it was time for Vidya to make her appearance… with fast made our way to the dance section and a few minutes later she was on stage performing a favorite of mine.

After the first song, she introduced herself and what she did after this literally had my respect for her as a person, and artist magnify…whilst performing, her eye caught someone smoking in the audience, so she took it upon herself to tell him to stop because it is just not cool! Now something like that might seem petty to most, but to people who genuinely have a battle with smoke you can imagine what a win this was!

She also took the time to acknowledge every artist on stage which clearly demonstrated that as a team they are equals. Throughout the performance, one could see a clear passion and love for the music that was being presented.


We left just a few minutes before the end of the show and could not help but feel like royalty as we walked out amidst the crowd!

All in all, from a non concert go-er, I will not hesitate to attend another event like this, provided I am able to get my hands on tickets like these again!

The event was held at Sibaya Casino, hosted by a team of events companies who without a doubt put in every effort to ensure that the attendees left the concert with a longing sense of wonderment as to when the next event will be held. For all my locals, I would definitely follow these companies to stay on top of what they have coming up! (Events4u + M2G Promotions + Zed Kay Productions). Big thank you to Vinay Maharaj who brought this entire event together!

Please note that this post was not sponsored by the hosts, I just felt that they deserved recognition following the exceptionally planning and well just for bringing this awesome artist to our shores!


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