My Five Favorite Cities

Have you ever fallen in love with a city to the point that you would happily return over and over again… and to make things worse, you want to take everyone you love there so that they can experience it???

These are my top five all time favourite cities.

Bangkok – Thailand

I cannot even count the number of times I have been to Bangkok, but whenever I am headed in the South East Asia direction, I am sure to spend a few nights just reveling what this amazing city has to offer. I have shared my love for Bangkok with both Parosh and Ash and both have come back with a certain undying love for it as well!



Istanbul – Turkey

If you read my previous post, you would understand why this has made the top five. If you didn’t, check it out here.

The first trip I booked ALL on my own

Siem Reap – Cambodia

My first trip to Siem Reap was part of group tour I joined in on. I battled a lot on this trip, because when I read budget trip I thought “well how hard could it be?” The answer is : very!!!! It was this trip that made me realize that I am not a budget traveler and that’s okay!

I fell madly in love with the temples of Angkor Wat and as we walked through them listening to our guide I could help but feel totally enriched. This was something I just had to share with Ash, so we returned to Siem Reap.

Cape Town – South Africa

I have been to Cape Town, locally known as The Mother City, several times over the years. I actually spent my 21st birthday there and did my training as a pastry chef here J. Cape Town has a monster of mixed cultures and food options that never disappoint. Oh wait, not to forget the spectacular shopping I always get done whilst there. I was one lucky enough to meet one of my fave local designers in her store whilst I was shopping. Fresh sea food, airy scenic drives, exciting nightlife, and delicious food…. For a local getaway it is my go to city next to Umhlanga Rocks and Ballito

Cairo – Egypt

Perhaps this is a bit of a biased choice, but the fact that the Egyptian Museum is based here keeps this city close to my heart. When I visited Cairo I was on crutches (yes! You heard right and I even cruised on the Nile and did all of the walking tours hopping along on my pink crutches). There is nowhere else that has had me so hooked into history that I find myself desperate to go spend perhaps a week strolling around the museum. This is the only photo I have of my trip to Egypt… Check out my bright pink crutches 🙂


What would you say are your favorite cities ???


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20 thoughts on “My Five Favorite Cities

  1. We are going to Africa and Capetown on our next big trip and then South East Asia next so this list has me very excited! It is so hard to choose my favorites, so I am impressed you did! I loved Berlin, but it was because it was one of my first solo experiences long term! Florence because it was a big trip with my friends! I guess it is always emotional!


  2. Bangkok would be in my top 5 too! And it’s straight-up embarrassing that I haven’t been to Siem Reap even though I live in Singapore 😦 I loved the Egyptian Museum as well but to be honest I found other parts of Egypt much more enchanting. Could be just me – these days I’m a lot more into the whole rural countryside scene when travelling!


  3. I’ve been to two of your top five (Bangkok and Siem Reap) and I will be heading to Cape Town later this year and cannot wait to see all the beautiful sights! My top five are Medellin, Paris, Dublin, Tokyo, and St. Petersburg. Safe travels!

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  4. I can’t believe I haven’t been to any of these! You’re giving me some serious wanderlust right now. The photos from Turkey are especially enticing to me! I’d have to say my favorite cities are Fez, Morocco – Verona, Italy – Amsterdam, Netherlands and St. Petersburg, Russia!

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