Splendid Seychelles

My sister (Parosh) and one of our closest, dearest and oldest friends Mashie have always dreamed of visiting the Seychelles. And lets admit, by now you all know that I will go anywhere and everywhere without a second thought.

The last trip I had taken with my sister was around a year before I had gotten married, and for those that don’t know, Hindu marriage ceremonies pretty much consume your life not just for the wedding day, but for weeks before(if not months) and for weeks after. Without my two girls I would have never survived it all.

Mashie has never ventured out of South Africa, so it was not my personal mission to spoil them with a booking free vacation. (they didn’t even know where they would be staying for the duration of the trip).

In April this year, the four of us hopped on a plane and arrived at our resort in the Seychelles just in time to watch the stunning sunset before stuffing our faces at the dinner buffet and passing out in our rooms. (sunset photos to follow at the end of the post).

Given how crazy our lives are, we spent the next few days lounging around on the beach or at the pool, sipping cocktails and totally embracing island life. I have never really been an island person… in my mind I always felt that I need to see everything, and what more can an island vacation offer than snorkeling cocktails partying and resting! Well I was wonderfully surprised just how rejuvenating such a vacation can be!

Our daily routine was, breakfast, secure beach chairs, get towels, rest for a bit, drink a little and swim a lot! repeat and repeat and repeat again until the sun has set.

We stayed at the Berjaya Beau Vallon on Mahe island. The resort itself is situated dead center of a beautiful cove, which made for the most amazing sunsets. We sampled tons of cocktails and also met the staff who are so friendly and very sociable. They love chatting and sharing their experiences. Most of the staff that we encountered where from some part of India/Nepal/Sri Lanka.

We chatted a lot to Prem Singh, who was the security guard at the resort. He would walk around the grounds exceeding his duties by checking up on guests, as well as providing us with loads of information of things we could do. He suggested we head to the afternoon market which is held once a week just a short walk from the resort where we could sample foods prepared, as well as purchased from the locals. We took his advice and ate the most delicious meal ever! (for a fraction of what we would have paid anywhere else). If you ever head to the Seychelles, and stay here be on the look out for him πŸ™‚ he has a wealth of knowledge and genuinely wants you to make the most of your vacation.

We also booked a shuttle bus to Victoria and spent half a day walking around just taking in the life in the Seychelles. We visited the local market, but between the smells and the heat we were fast catching a cab back to the resort to continue the repetition of our personal mission of eating, sleeping, swimming and sipping cocktails 🍹

Once again, big ups to my awesome husband, who spent his days sitting at the bar chatting to the staff (who fast became friends) whilst giving me time to spend with my girls.

Now that I have spent a short vacation just soaking in all that island life has to offer, I have realized just how beneficial such a vacation is. We returned home feeling fresh and ready for all that our lives have to offer.

Trip highlights :

Our Sunset beach walks! Enjoy the pictures

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15 thoughts on “Splendid Seychelles

  1. Indeed a splendid vacation! Vacations are like ‘refresh’ buttons that re-charge us. I guess, I need one right now, too! haha.. Loved your sunset photos, btw.. ❀

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