Where to next for us … :)

It came as quiet a shock to me when I realized that there is a country that I had never heard of. I mean I have been glaring at a map of the World for as long as I can remember!

The time has come for planning our next trip. Usually, before I even leave on a trip… I have already booked something for a few months after I return, but this time around we were looking at saving up for a big trip in 2018. Only to find out that plans had to be changed! And just life that our South America plans fell through and to top things off, it dawned upon me that this year we have 5 full weeks of vacation (school holidays) in December.

Naturally this has me itching desperately to go away, even for a week or so but given how “last minute” this is prices to everywhere are crazy!

Whilst everyone has a travel bucket list… my bucket list is anywhere & everywhere. Essentially it never really matters where I travel to… I just want to see everything!

So I started searching desperately and eventually struck gold and found a flight to somewhere I didn’t even know existed. So that settles it, Ash and I will be setting of on an adventure to Djibouti. A small country located on the Horn of Africa.

What do we plan on seeing…. No idea! But does it matter? We will get to throw ourselves into something completely unknown! Some of the best trips I have taken over the years have been along the lines of “I found an affordable trip, that’s where I will have to go next”.

I have always enjoyed arriving in a country where I know little about and leaving there with a wealth of knowledge and appreciation for what it has to offer and not to mention the person I grow to become. With ever journey, I find I come back just a little bit different from what I was (I know it sounds strange but it makes sense to me).

If anyone has travelled to Djibouti please get in touch! I would love to hear a bit about your experiences and gather any info I can!



43 thoughts on “Where to next for us … :)

  1. I’m looking forward for your next adventures, Djibouti I’ve never heard this City though but I’m sure you’ll have a great time there. I’m rooting for you guys. I can’t wait to see your next article


  2. Sounds like you are in for quite an adventure! I haven’t made it to the African continent yet but I can’t wait to! Looking forward to hearing what you think about Djibouti!


  3. That sounds amazing! It’s so true that these kind of trips can be the best ones. If you don’t have a lot of expectations you can only be surprised! Hope you’ll have a great time 🙂


  4. Your next adventure sounds like a lot of fun! Being spontaneous can lead to some pretty amazing experiences and memories! Hope you have a fab time 🙂

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  5. I love your comment “what do we plan on seeing….no idea”. We do that too and I love discovering when we get to a destination, it is a skill we have learnt over years of travel, don’t over plan. Have a great time


  6. Haven’t been to Djibouti though i can locate it on the African map. It’s gonna be great if you go there and tell us more about your adventures/experiences in the upcoming blog posts!


    • ah 🙂 thank you! lol I am pretty much jump and see what happens…. luckily I married Ash who is more of an assess the situation first. If he was totally like me we would get into SO much trouble 🙂


  7. wow sounds like it is going to be such an adventure, I have to been to Djibouti but I am really fascinated to hear and see all about it.


  8. Hailing from the continent of Africa, I have heard of it however, I’ve never been. I look forward to reading about what the place has to offer!


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