Our journey comes to an end

I ended up missing the hot air balloon safari because I got really ill. I literally slept for most of the day (except when I woke up to eat), but I figured I rather sacrifice one day to recoup my energy so the rest of the trip won’t be miserable.

The next morning we headed back to Nairobi where we visited a Kazuri Bead Factory, enjoyed an included lunch and then the ultimate highlight… we went to the giraffe center where we were able to feed and interact with these beautiful creatures. You can bet your life, that when I heard that I was going to get to feed a giraffe, all feelings of sickness and miserableness went out the window and I darted to get my hands sanitized before going Β to the platform.


Ash and my mom where just as thrilled as I was, but my dad chose to stand afar. He naturally got pegged to take photos πŸ™‚

This is my mom and Ash having their moment!


After all of that excitement, we headed to the airport for our quick flight to Zanzibar.

We arrived late at the My Blue Hotel in Nungwi and had masai warriors escort us to our rooms, which we fast passed out in. The next morning, Ash and I had big big big plans….. first breakfast, then finding the perfect spot on the beach and lastly, barely moving except when we needed drinks or got hungry!

Apart from our visit into Stone Town for a brief walking tour and some shopping, we spent the next few days just relaxing on the beach. Absolute bliss before heading back home to our crazy busy lives!

So herein comes my husbands classic question : “where to next love?” …. this time, all I can say is… it is going to be somewhere I never knew existed!

In the meantime, I might as well end with some of our photos from Zanzibar πŸ™‚




26 thoughts on “Our journey comes to an end

  1. That’s a shame you missed the hot air balloon ride but it it looks like you had a great time with the giraffes! I so desperately want to tour Africa, particularly Kenya. So jealous πŸ™‚


    • I was devastated (my fomo is really bad) but one cannot have everything in life lol.
      You should totally do it. I’m based in South Africa. Pop me a mail when you are planning. Will gladly assist you where I can!


  2. Oh my gosh, I’m obsessed with giraffes! That is amazing you to to feed them! I’ll have to read more of your posts because we’re hoping to do a Safari at some point!


    • It was absolutely amazing! Pop me an email when you get down to planning and I will happily assist wherever I can. I’m based in South Africa:)
      The giraffes were so beautiful and such gentle giants. You could even get a kiss if you popped a pellet between your lips!


  3. I’m glad you got to play with the giraffes! I’ve been there before with getting sick on a trip. It’s really hard to give up on some excursions and adventures that you’ve been looking forward to, but I agree with your thought process. Taking the time to rest and get better will help you in the long run. It’s no fun to be sick for weeks on end, just because you didn’t slow down and take care of yourself first.


  4. sorry you got sick but glad you were able to recover from the 24hr bug to feed the giraffes! Love the pics, especially the sunset boat on the water ones. How amazing.
    Love your husband’s zest for travel but personally I am getting tired of hearing that question, “where to next?” I mean they never ask after a period of time after a massive adventure, they usually ask like when I get off the damn plane…ugh…sorry to vent. Cant wait to see where you & Ash are heading next…by the way…”Where to Next??”


  5. Sorry to hear that you fell ill – that’s never fun while on holidays! But glad to see that the Giraffe sanctuary managed to lift your spirits – I remember that place, it’s such a beautiful experience!


  6. Feeding the Giraffes is really fun. We did this at Bangkok Safari Park. Zanzibar looks like a great place to relax, especially if you get a lovely stretch of silvery sand and some great weather you may not want to move at all. Keep traveling and sharing your experiences.


  7. We’re heading this way in a month or two so this has made me even more excited. Giraffes really are such amazing and cool looking creatures aren’t they. Can’t wait to put our feet up in Zanzibar as well. Everyone we talk to and meet always raves about the place. Bring on those beaches!! Whoop whoop.


  8. Zanzibar looks beautiful and feeding the giraffes will definitely lift my spirits up like yours. Your pictures are amazing.Looks your partner too has enthusiasm for travelling. Where next Love- makes my day and I wish my husband ask me this every week.


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