A day in a country within a country

Where is this country within a country ....... right on my doorstep within our borders of South Africa are the two landlocked countries of Lesotho 🇱🇸 and Swaziland 🇸🇿. Today we visited Lesotho and today was going to be the day that my fiancé (now husband) got his first ever stamp in his passport. To … Continue reading A day in a country within a country


Djibouti Visa for Dummies

So it turns out, that trusting the sources on the internet proved me wrong! Because I am slightly paranoid whenever there is a visa required... I contacted a visa company and asked them to assist me with my visa for Djibouti. Their response was, as a South African citizen you will require a UK visa … Continue reading Djibouti Visa for Dummies

My Five Favorite Cities

Have you ever fallen in love with a city to the point that you would happily return over and over again… and to make things worse, you want to take everyone you love there so that they can experience it??? These are my top five all time favourite cities. Bangkok – Thailand I cannot even … Continue reading My Five Favorite Cities

The first trip I booked ALL on my own

Travel for most people is a scary ordeal… well not the actual travelling part, but the preparations and bookings required. This used to panic me immensely, and I would always end up contacting an agent and booking a group tour. Whilst these are awesome and take the pressure off of planning anything really, I found … Continue reading The first trip I booked ALL on my own

A hearty welcome at Hartford House

Our Sunday started a bit slow and lazily, only for us to realize we had no plans for the day. Strange feeling to have NO plan of action so Ash suggested we take a drive out to the Midlands Meander. Within a few minutes we were in the car and a quick 45 minutes later … Continue reading A hearty welcome at Hartford House