Finally a river crossing!

Having dreamt of witness a river crossing at the Mara river for pretty much half of my life, there we where, and just as we we about to give up... my dad spotted a herd starting to get uneasy. I always thought that the beasts would know for certain that they need to cross over, … Continue reading Finally a river crossing!


At long last… the Masai Mara Reserve !!!

The day had finally arrived when we head to the Masai Mara Reserve. We arrived at the Mara Sopa Lodge just in time for an amazing lunch and our first afternoon drive. We didn’t go too far as we were exhausted (I had a spider incident at 4am which resulted in Ashwin and I leaving … Continue reading At long last… the Masai Mara Reserve !!!

Hello Kenya :) !!!

We arrived in Nairobi around 7am bright and early. The flight from Johannesburg was a quick comfortable four or so hours with Kenya Airways. We were greeted by our driver/guide (Gideon of African Horizons : Once we got rid of our luggage we stopped at a local Java Café for some breakfast before commencing … Continue reading Hello Kenya 🙂 !!!

Those many times I booked a vacation via

I remember how skeptical I was when I first came across I remember making a booking at a hotel in Umhlanga Rocks for the weekend just to test it out. Fast forward a few years and I have booked accommodation via this site in South Africa, Singapore, Malasyia, Cambodia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Turkey, Indonesia, … Continue reading Those many times I booked a vacation via

Planning our trip into East Africa

This trip was destined to happen for years…I had watched the migration on National Geographic with my dad and clearly remember after a brief hospital stay I told him that one day I will do this trip with him. Years passed by and it was forgotten, until a year or so ago whilst having coffee … Continue reading Planning our trip into East Africa